The Center for Birth


Integrated Women's Wellness & Center for Birth, LLC is a free standing birth center and women's wellness clinic. The Center for Birth is licensed by the State of Alaska (and nationally accredited by the Commission of the Accreditation of Birth Center, which shows that we have met and exceeded stringent national standards for providing the best and safest care to our families.)

Birth Room-01We are a collaborative physician-midwife team of an obstetrician/Gynecologist and a Certified Direct Entry Midwife , along with a support team of a Registered Nurse, Certified Medical Assistant, and a Certified Doula/Apprentice Midwife.

We offer physician and midwifery care, along with laboratory services, in-office ultrasounds, nutritional education, childbirth education, lactation support, postpartum care, and a postpartum support group for all new moms.

Our goal is to not only provide exceptional, personal care to you, but to also help educate and assist you in making informed choices about your health care, throughout pregnancy, birth, and early parenting. We believe in patient choice and informed consent, meaning that YOU are involved in your care, every step of the way. We believe that through personal and attentive care, education, and support, we are able to provide you with exceptional care, to help prepare you for the awesome task of giving birth!

At The Center for Birth, we offer a wide range of non-medicinal comfort measures during labor and birth to support you in achieving a natural birth including; continuous labor support, intermittent monitoring, full mobility and freedom for position changes, birth balls, yoga support slings, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy in our spacious showers and tubs, and the option of water birth.


Our birth suites have the beauty of a luxury hotel, the comfortable feeling of home, and all equipment and supplies needed for a safe and healthy delivery.

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